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Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 18:14

Anyone using Kubuntu will see KOrganizer the best desktop calendar and anyone knows internet knows NextCloud technology a complete solution to live online. Now we find Operation Tulip a generous online service for data storage and calendar based on that technology. This tutorial explains how to synchronize your desktop and your online calendar the easy way.

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About The Tools

is a complete desktop calendar similar to Mac's or Windows' built-in Calendar application. It works with multiple accounts and supports the popular iCalendar format. It supports colors and categories and is able to work offline.  It is developed by KDE.

NextCloud is latest computing technology in the field of online storage developed from the earlier one named OwnCloud. Any company or organization with enough capacity can make their own Google Online Services such as office suite, storage, mail, calendar, video call, and more simply by installing this on their server. NextCloud is Free Software. It is founded by vice president of KDE.

Operation Tulip is an European online service that is based on NextCloud technology. They claim to be fully Free Software based, own complete control over their hardware, and promise to never sell or share user's data.


Synchronizing KOrganizer with Operation Tulip.


In order to use Operation Tulip, you must register first. Note: after registering, I suggest you to save every account in your password manager app.  



In order to connect KOrganizer to Operation Tulip, you must pair them.

  • With browser, login to your Operation Tulip.
  • Go to Calendar.
  • At the first time, you see only a blank month with one Personal section.
  • Click Settings & Import on lower left and scroll down until you see CalDAV.
  • Click Copy Primary CalDAV Address.
  • The URL copied.
  • Run KOrganizer.

Add Calendar by right click on lower left box > select DAV Groupware Resource > on the dialog appears enter your Operation Tulip username and password > select Configure Resource Manually > Finish > a 2nd dialog appears > on General Configuration, type Display Name: Operation Tulip; Username: your username; Password: your password > on Server Configuration section, click Add > 3rd dialog appears > on Remote Calendar Address section, paste the URL you copied from Operation Tulip > on Discovered Collections section, click Fetch and it lists out online calendars you have > OK > back to 2nd dialog > on Synchronization section, uncheck Limit CalDAV Retrieval Time > OK > KOrganizer paired.



Creating schedules on web will be seen on desktop. Reversely, creating schedules on  desktop will also seen on web. Now rest easy and start coloring your month.

Here's my KOrganizer on desktop:

Here's my Operation Tulip with only one calendar I display:


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