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Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 18:27

Congratulations to GNOME developers! We can already try version 3.38 "Orbis" right here right now. Simply grab Fedora or openSUSE at the latest development version as you can find Orbis in them. I share with you my experience in trying out Orbis below. Along with this short review I also include the links, video, and a lot of screenshots like usual. Enjoy!

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About GNOME 3.38

GNOME Orbis released at 16 September 2020. It is the latest version of GNOME the free software user interface everyone knows that is the official desktop of GNU Operating System. With GNOME Orbis computer users can interact with their computer in easy, quick and beautiful experience. Computer users find GNOME in most of GNU operating systems with Linux kernel also known as GNU/Linux distros but currently no one can find Orbis except in Fedora and a few others.

Version History


Here is video of GNOME Orbis. Releasing video in each release is a tradition of The Project. You can also watch this video at Invidious.



About Fedora 33

Fedora 33 is currently the next release of the latest technology bringer operating system Fedora. Fedora is a variant of GNU operating system with Linux kernel or GNU/Linux from Red Hat family. While today current stable version is still 32, the 33 is continuously updated as images and can be downloaded in special webpage. The special thing about 33 is that it has latest GNOME 3.38 already while in the same time most other operating systems haven't.


About openSUSE GNOME:Next

openSUSE is an European computer operating system that is Free Libre Open Source Software. It is a GNU/Linux distro from RPM family but based on SUSE instead of Red Hat. There are many editions of openSUSE. The GNOME:Next is a special rolling edition of openSUSE that always brings latest version of GNOME user interface. It is like KDE Neon to Plasma Desktop. The awesome thing about it is now it has 3.38 Orbis built-in already. It is updated everyday as images and can be downloaded in special webpage.

Get GNOME Orbis

(New) GNOME Tour

Tour is a new feature in Orbis.

Tour escorts new user by introducing briefly how to use the system. This screenshot below is taken on Fedora.

(New) United Menu and Reordering Apps

Now there is no separation between Frequent and All application menu. Now we can also drag and drop to rearrange apps on Activities overview or in each group to help us prioritize and group important apps.

 (New) Intelligence Tracking Prevention

Just as the video says, now Web aka Epiphany includes privacy switch that is to prevent online trackers for tracking us.

(New) Clock Redesign

Clock is a multifunction time tool.

(New) Maps Redesign

Maps is the world map tool of GNOME. It now features Labels on satellite view and is built with dark theme.

(New) Sound Recorder Redesign

Sound Recorder is now more mobile-like and honestly simpler with more audio formats of choice.

(New) Parental Control

Now under Settings > Users > Username we find Parental Control that is Account Activity. Now GNOME records every account history activity so you can monitor your kids when they logged in and out each week.

Next Release

According to Matthias Clasen the release manager, as we can read in mailing list link above, the next GNOME planned to be released March 2021.

Some Issues

I can't get screen recorder (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R) working on both Fedora and openSUSE.

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