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Monday, August 17, 2020 at 20:58

Hello computer users! This year Ubuntu operating system releases its latest version numbered 20.04 and called Focal Fossa. However, Ubuntu 20.04 comes altogether with its six official flavors or I prefer to call them a family you may have never heard before. They are all professional modern operating systems with each own specialties you can choose for your computer. Important for you to know they are known as Free and Libre and Open Source Software you can use to make you independent from Microsoft or Apple. Use them on your computer you can enter a happiest life where you don't worry about viruses anymore and make antivirus just a thing of the past. This short article introduces you to all seven Ubuntu in the year 2020. Hope you find the best one!

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Download Ubuntu.

Our flagship operating system with friendship orange circle logo originated from United Kingdom developed by Canonical Inc. It is available for all kinds of modern computers namely desktops and laptops, servers, and Internet of Things. It is the most popular operating system from our Free and Libre and Open Source Software Community. It offers unique user experience between Android and macOS.


Download Kubuntu.

First appeared 2005, is an operating system (OS) that resembles Microsoft Windows in its user interface and interactions thanks to its desktop environment which is called KDE hence the name Kubuntu. Choose this flavor if you want friendly traditional computing.


Download Xubuntu.

First appeared 2006, is an OS with creative user interface and interactions mostly for old~limited computer hardware which runs very fast while in the same time runs latest versions of software thanks to its XFCE desktop environment which made up Xubuntu name. Choose this flavor if you want lightweight computing experience.


Download Lubuntu.

First appeared 2011, is a lightweight OS which runs lighter and faster and resource wiser than Xubuntu for even more limited computer hardware while delivering latest software and technology to users thanks to its LXDE desktop environment which Lubuntu takes its name from. Think as if you can run Windows 98 in these years with latest software and technology. Choose this flavor if you want even more lightweight and low-resource experience.

Ubuntu MATE

Download Ubuntu MATE

First appeared 2014, is a retro modern OS which is very well known within our community who loved the classic user interface that once appeared in history of Ubuntu. For people who know the history, it's a nostalgia - brings back old school ways of user interactions missing on modern Ubuntu. For new users, it's like a chameleon - able to mimic other OS's user interface. Its name is taken from its desktop environment called MATE which is the continuation of the discontinued old user interface of Ubuntu. Choose this flavor if you love retro experience.

Ubuntu Studio

Download Ubuntu Studio.

First appeared 2007, is a professional art and multimedia making OS. The idea is to deliver every tool for photography - graphics - designs - audio - video productions to computer users as a complete operating system which is also portable. Think of Windows bundled with full art and multimedia suite you can bring everywhere on a portable drive. Think of Adobe Creative Suite but a bit more advanced by bundling it as a full operating system. Choose this flavor if you want a multimedia production system.

Ubuntu Kylin

Download Ubuntu Kylin.

First appeared 2013, is a Chinese official flavor of Ubuntu OS with its own new user interface called UKUI in resemblance to Windows Ten. It is an operating system created by collaboration between Canonical and Chinese government. Choose this flavor if you want to taste the brand new user interface.

Ubuntu Budgie

Download Ubuntu Budgie.

First appeared 2016, is a blend OS between three things namely macOS layout and Windows Eighth right panel and Xubuntu upper menu. Choose this flavor if you want Solus OS based on Ubuntu instead of the original one.

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