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Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 15:01

Trisquel 9 will ship with:

...a KDE Edition

There is already a new image file for this edition which was not know aside from the regular MATE, education Sugar, and mini LXDE editions. You can see them at current development download page.

(I myself felt it's incredible I found KDE Edition while testing it out as it is my favorite desktop environment) for Old Machines

It still supports thirty two bits architecture. See link above and find i686 code on the download links they are all the installer files for your old computers. Particularly all computers sold before 2010 will need this version. I am glad with this (always) and I think Trisquel 9 will win both old and new computers their freedom when it is released.

(The regular edition from a testing version comes with black panel now reminding me to Kubuntu these days)

...a lot of discussions

Trisquel 9 is actively discussed in Users Forum. Since the announcement published by project leader, these days, it is centered actively in a last year thread, and later this one, and this one. They report things they found after downloading and running Trisquel 9 on their computers (either it is good or bad) and that are fun to see. Some even reported that the latest testing image already runs flawlessly.

To me, this forum is the best place for beginners to learn about Software Freedom. The members are friendly and clear, the source of my news about completely free software technology. From them I know Invidious, and Mastodon too, and many other useful things now I use daily. From them I learned many things I don't know about hardware especially devices which depends to proprietary software which in turn refuse to work with GNU/Linux. They are quick to bring new things around our vast community, let's say, Purism Librem and PINE64 devices, into discussions. I invite everyone to join this awesome forum!

(In a low-traffic forum like Trisquel, there are already many discussions about this codenamed Etiona new release)

I also started a discussion on social network by involving Trisquel Forum members who also are active there. If you want to join the discussion, or just want to like - comment - share, simply create a new Mastodon account.

I cannot do programming but I want to help the development. I am interested in publishing information about Trisquel here on UbuntuBuzz and on Mastodon so I do what I can do. If you are great in programming, I invite you to join this fun!

About Trisquel

It is a completely free software computer operating system for everyone. It is user friendly, secure, and available in laptops from various companies. It is a variant of GNU operating system combined with liberated Linux kernel and offered in three editions namely regular, education, and mini which are matched for your PCs and laptops. It is also powering one of The GNU Project's servers. You can use Trisquel as a replacement or alternative to Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS. Trisquel is a part of Free Software Movement that is an education effort worldwide which teach that every computer user deserves freedom in their computing. Visit Trisquel website, the documentation, and you can also get involved in the development.

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