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Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 10:40

(Dolphin file manager with integrated terminal and right-panel preview on Ubutu 19.04)

Dolphin is file manager from KDE we can compare to Nautilus from GNOME. Dolphin has a lot of features Nautilus doesn't such as internal terminal and split vertical. Not to mention, unlike Nautilus, it supports a lot of third-party plugins like my 2016' Right-Click Batch Converter. In case you wish to change your file manager to Dolphin instead of Nautilus, but without removing any one, here's the way. I wish your life will be easier with this.

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Install Dolphin

$ sudo apt-get install dolphin konsole

  • dolphin is the package name of the file manager wished. 
  • konsole is the KDE terminal emulator to enable integrated terminal within Dolphin window.  
  • dolphin-plugins is additional functionalities such as "Copy To/Move To" for Dolphin.
  • Default behaviour of Dolphin with this installation is double-click (following Ubuntu) and not single-click (so, unlike its original default) on Ubuntu 19.04. 

Make It Default

How do you access your file manager usually? By clicking its icon on left panel? By pressing Super+E combination key? Okay, that's the default. Let's change it.

On Unity and GNOME desktop:
  • Run Dolphin
  • Dolphin appears as icon on your left panel
  • Right-click Dolphin > Lock to Launcher > Dolphin locked > drag and drop it to the top of left panel.
  • Right-click Nautilus > Unlock from Launcher > Nautilus gone.
  • Now everytime you click the file manager icon, Dolphin runs instead of Nautilus.
 (Now, after configuring, the top icon on left panel is Dolphin and not nautilus anymore)

For the shortcut keys, it's the same to Unity and GNOME as well:
  • Go to System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts.
  • Select Custom Shortcuts.
  • Click "plus" button ("+") > a dialog appears.
  • Insert name "Dolphin" > insert command "dolphin" without quotes > OK > new entry with empty combo key appears > associate it with the keys Super+E (press hold Win key while pressing E key).
  • Now every time you pressed Super+E you run Dolphin.

 (Example configuration based on Unity Desktop Environment)

That's it. Notice how easy was that? Nothing difficult. Happy working! 

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