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Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 21:08

deepin 15.11 released this July with the slogan "Better Never Stops" just three months after the previous 15.10 last April. Here's official direct download links from official server, SourceForge, OSDN, and also several mirrors, and of course torrents provided by community. Just like usual, I strongly recommend you to use BitTorrent way instead and then verify your ISO to be identical with the official one. Finally, so you can safely burn that ISO to DVD or USB and run deepin GNU/Linux. Happy downloading!

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Official Download

deepin 15.11 ISO 64-bit (2.3GB)

Note: if you have no idea which one to download, simply click this link and download it.

Sourceforge (Official)

deepin 15.11 ISO 64-bit

Note: SourceForge is the most popular, gigantic source code hosting for many GNU/Linux projects since long before GitHub. 

OSDN (Official)

deepin 15.11 ISO 64-bit

Note: Open Source Development Network (OSDN), similar to GitHub, is a centralized source code software hosting that provides download for many GNU/Linux and libre software projects.


Simply right-click and Save Link As from one of below links:
More mirrors worldwide are available on Deepin website.

(A lot of servers providing deepin ISO download from multiple countries)


Currently, there are torrents from LinuxTracker community and also Distrowatch. Simply download one with your favorite BitTorrent client program (I recommend KTorrent and Transmission) and after completely retrieved, verify the ISO file with the official checksum below.


Once your hash value and one of these official values matched, it's verified, then the ISO you have downloaded is OK.

daaf33cb284797cba582b99e8cc59a0a  deepin-15.11-amd64.iso

3b61802d83ec40c5c32eb6719ea641de75b8fa72b5e8bced48429172bc53f0f7  deepin-15.11-amd64.iso


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