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Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 14:17

Good news for us that Unity7 desktop environment works very well on Ubuntu 19.04. We can install it right now without any third-party repository. I find that this desktop works pretty faster than the built-in GNOME 3.32 desktop one, at least on my laptop. I include many screenshots to reveal how good Unity7 works on 19.04 below including the HUD, the Login Screen, and the System Tray. I hope this works for you too! Happy working!

(Ubuntu 19.04 "Disco Dingo" with Unity desktop)

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Install the desktop:

Run this command:
$ sudo apt-get install unity-session

Install the login screen:

Run this command:
$ sudo apt-get install lightdm 

And using TAB key select lightdm between "gdm3" and "lightdm" choices there, and press ENTER key to go.


The desktop we once loved comes back with the Dash Menu and left Launcher we all knew:

(Ubuntu 19.04 feels like 16.04 just right)

With the Head's Up Display (HUD) working so amazingly with menu-oriented applications:

 (HUD works with LibreOffice Writer; press Alt to reveal the HUD; HUD can search you "footnote" and execute it for you without you clicking on the Writer's menu bar)

(HUD also works with Inkscape Vector Graphic Editor; the HUD was/is great to execute your frequently used Inkscape's extension just by searching without manually clicking Inkscape's menubar) 

(Calling out menu "blur" in GIMP Image Editor is never easier indeed than using HUD just by typing "blur" and Enter; and this GIMP running as AppImage program!)

And with the system tray and calendar and power button we accustomed with:

(Tray programs like Telegram Desktop, OnionShare File Sharing, Remmina Remote Desktop, and Kazam Screencast Recorder running and displayed correctly in the right place; clock and calendar widget displayed just like it used to; power off menu we used for more than 6 years)

And finally the login screen should also changed into the one we all knew:

(LightDM Display Manager on Disco Dingo, the cool login screen we once loved)

Thank you all Unity7 developers especially dale and khurshid. for maintaining such awesome desktop we can use in 2019. Now we are waiting to run same Unity7 on the next Ubuntu 19.10 codenamed Eoan. Happy working!

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