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Monday, April 29, 2019 at 22:56

(Trisquel 8.0, a MATE desktop distro that still support 32-bit in 2019)

Because Ubuntu and all Official Flavors officially stopped providing 32-bit ISO Images in 2019, I write this compilation. I believe even in 2019 many of us still have old, 32-bit computers or laptops, so it's good to find GNU/Linux distros that support 32-bit. Here you will find at least thirteen GNU/Linux distros with MATE Desktop still supporting 32-bit in 2019, namely, Trisquel 8.0, Uruk 2.0, Fedora 29, Mint 18 and 19, Debian Live 9, Devuan 2.0, Sparky 5.3, Mageia 6, Porteus 4.0, Robo 8.11, Ubuntu MATE 18.04, Void (rolling), and IGOS 12. You can download them and install and have updates in a certain period of time. All of them are LiveCD Installers except Devuan and Mageia. I wish this compilation helps you to find latest distro and prolong support lifetime for your old computers. Finally, happy downloading!

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1. Trisquel

Latest version of Trisquel is 8.0 and it's released in 2018 with 5 years support. It supports 32-bit architecture.

2. Uruk GNU/Linux

Uruk is a new distro derived from Trisquel by Iraqi developers. Latest version of Uruk is 2.0 with 32-bit support.

3. Fedora Spin MATE-Compiz

Fedora MATE-Compiz is one among many Fedora Spins (equivalent to Ubuntu Flavors) which provides 32-bit version. Latest Fedora MATE is 29.

4. Mint MATE

Mint being fully desktop operating system derived from Ubuntu had already supported 32-bit since the beginning. Support lifespan information are very clear: 18 is supported until 2021 and 19 is supported until 2023.

5. Debian Live MATE

Debian Live MATE is also one among many Debian Live Editions (equivalent to both Ubuntu Flavors and Fedora Spins) and it supports 32-bit. Latest Debian Live version now is 9 "Stretch".


6. Porteus MATE

Porteus being a portable and low-end OS since long had supported 32-bit.

7. Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS

Ubuntu MATE still provides 32-bit version for 18.04 LTS (supported until 2021) and for 16.04 (supported until this year).

(Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS 32-bit)

(Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 LTS 32-bit)

8. Devuan (nolivecd)

Devuan, the non-systemd derivative of Debian, supported 32-bit editions. However, its not LiveCD, but InstallCD only.

9. Robolinux MATE

Robo, an Ubuntu and Debian-based distro from Cambodia, provides 32-bit Live MATE editions of its version 8. Please note that Robo 8 is based on Debian 8.

10. Sparky MATE

Sparky, Debian-based distro, provides MATE LiveCD 32-bit on its download server. However, I cannot find any information about this particular edition on its official website and its wiki.

11. Mageia 6 (nolivecd)

Mageia 6, an active Mandriva derivative, provides InstallCD version with MATE Desktop included in the 32-bit ISO along with other Desktops.

12. Void Live MATE

Void, an independent GNU/Linux distro built from scratch, has a Live MATE edition among its many other ones. Void is a rolling-release distro, non-systemd, with own XBPS package manager, and uses LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL. It's developed by a former NetBSD developer.

13. IGOS Nusantara MATE

IGOS, a Fedora-based GNU/Linux distro developed by Indonesian Instutute of Science, still provide 32-bit of version 12. Just choose the "live32" version on the download page.

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