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 (Ubuntu 19.04 runs KGeography and Subtitle Editor applications)

I listed here my applications recommendation for everybody getting started with Ubuntu 19.04. If you never used Ubuntu before, than this is for you. I tried to give recommendation for many fields, including personal and educational use, as well as programming and graphic designing. All applications you find here are already available via Ubuntu Software Center without the need to use PPAs. Finally, I hope this compilation helps everybody and happy working!

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All available on Ubuntu Software

Every application I mentioned here is installable from Ubuntu Software on the 19.04. No need for third-party repositories (PPAs). Just search, install, and happy working!

 (Ubuntu Software shows Graphics application category)

1. Programming

Geany (all-language programming IDE)

I recommend Geany for everybody looking for his/her first programming text editor on GNU/Linux. Geany supports all modern languages (most notably C/C++, Java, C#, Python, PHP, Pascal, and more) with automatic syntax coloring and compiling/interpreting setup.

(Geany showing its Java source code tempate)

2. Multimedia

GNOME Sound Recorder (record audio)
Kazam (record screen activities as video including your voice from microphone)
Pitivi (GNOME video editor with advanced features)
Subtitle Editor by kitone (user-friendly yet powerful subtitle creator)
WinFF (convert audios and videos)

(Kazam, a small but powerful screencast tool for Ubuntu desktop)

(Subtitle Editor, a very easy to use video subtitle maker)

3. Web Development

Bluefish (web editing text editor non-WYSIWYG)
FileZilla (FTP client, for uploading files to web server)

Bluefish is an IDE for web development. It's a little bit classic but its available in Ubuntu repository and the size is small. Despite its menu-driven and everything-manual oriented user interface, we may find it good for teaching web development to students. It has comprehensive user manual here. You may find third-party tutorials on Makeuseof, Lifewire, On the other hand, FileZilla is know for a long time as the best FTP client for desktop. It helps you to upload web code you developed to the server.

(Bluefish, web authoring text editor)

(FileZilla, FTP client and remote file manager)

4. File Sharing

OnionShare (or say it "TorShare", securely share files to anyone over Tor Network)

Ubuntu 19.04 includes OnionShare, a secure file sharing program in its repository.

(Files being shared by OnionShare program with an onion URL)

(Tor Browser opens the URL given by OnienShare shows exactly the files being shared)

5. CD Burning

Brasero (burn CD and DVD and rip them, Nero Burning ROM replacement)

For a long time, Ubuntu included Brasero, but since several release ago Ubuntu stopped to ship it. You can simply install it again and create audio CD, burn data backup as well as DVD bootable, and re-create ISO image from a CD with it, and to rip and copy both audio and video CDs.

(Brasero user interface)

6. Graphic Editing

Inkscape (draw everything, design anything; CorelDRAW replacement)
GIMP (photo retouching, Photoshop replacement)
Scribus (desktop publishing, InDesign replacement)
Shotwell (photo manager)

There are so many graphic editors in Ubuntu repository but three of them are good for beginners: Inkscape, GIMP, and Scribus. Personally, I also use Shotwell to replace the default image viewer as I need its Shift+O "Crop" feature.

(Inkscape user interface with color swatches both opened)

7. Instant Messaging

Telegram Desktop (GPLv3+ licensed, recommended by the FSF as per 27 April 2019)
Revolt/Matrix (recommended by
Wire (recommended by and the FSF as per 27 April 2019)

Also there are so many online communication tools available in Ubuntu repository but I recommend here three modern ones: Telegram Desktop, Revolt, and Wire. Wire and Revolt do not need any phone number, and Telegram does not require a phone to register an account.

 (Telegram Desktop)

(Revolt, a GNOME-oriented Matrix client)

8. Education

GNU Octave (MATLAB replacement)
KGeography (countries, provinces, cities learning game)
Tux Math (cute math game for kids)

There are many educational programs in Ubuntu repository. Among them are Octave, KGeography, and Tux Math. Octave is a scientific mathematical programming language with nice GUI and drop-in compatibility with many MATLAB scripts. KGeography is a good game to play with kids and teenager to memorize world map and countries' flags. It includes several different multiple choices to play. Lastly, Tux Math is a kids game to learn math by addition, multiplication, and more.

 (GNU Octave user interface)

More Applications

Small games are good for playing with kids or simply to heal some stress.

Swell Foop (funny box game)

Zaz (Zaz Ain't Z***, a Zuma-like ball shooting game)

Further Information

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