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Monday, October 29, 2018 at 21:31

After using it for a week, here's intro to 5 of my favorite apps from AppCenter on elementary OS 5.0 I've tried. So far it's Torrential (BitTorrent client), Spice-Up (presentation editor), DesktopFolder (icons on desktop), Notes-Up (document editor & notetaking program), and Screencast (desktop recorder). Four of them are paid apps, while still free/libre open source software, as I humbly support this approach of selling free software. I hope this article encourages more developers to join this elementary LLC's software publishing platform and encourages more users to appreciate paid free software and support them. Enjoy them, try them, and please share with your friend!

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About elementary 5.0: Short Review | Download Links | Install Guide | WTDAI

Let Me Introduce My Position Here

See definition of free/libre software here. See selling free software is OK here.

I'm not assuming making software not gratis as not ethical. I distinguish between selling software and making it proprietary. When a developer sells a software, as long as the user is free (so the software is called 'free software'), then it's fair and good, I love it. On the other hand, I believe each free software developer deserves being paid or supported by donation. In short, I support elementary OS approach in allowing free software developers to sell copies of software in the AppStore (with free licenses and access to the source code). I value this as step forward rather than step backward.

So I am in a different position to people who believe that selling software is bad, always bad, without distinguishing between free software and nonfree. I apology to anyone who perhaps feels this as an unfamiliar view.

To all free software developers, hello, you can earn money here while in the same time publishing same free software you've made. To elementary OS Team, great job, thanks for this amazing platform for libre/open source software even Google and Apple cannot make.

1. Torrential

  • Price: $3
  • License: GPLv2
  • Source code: GitHub

By David Hewitt, it's a BitTorrent client program. This is the first app I installed from AppCenter and immediately became my first favorite! It's a straightforward torrenting program following elementary OS user interface guidelines with less menu, less option, magnet link support, and close integration with the built-in Epiphany Web Browser. It's more beautiful once you couple it with NetSpeed indicator on Wingpanel like below.

2. Spice-Up

Price: $20
License: GPLv3+
Source code: GitHub

By Felipe Escoto, it's a presentation program (similar to LibreOffice Impress), but it's really simple yet innovative. It simplifies us making slides with a less-menu, less-button interface; emphasizing easiness in choosing templates, animations, and backgrounds. It's document format is .spice and it can save as PDF. If you're accustomed to Impress, you perhaps need a little trials and errors with Spice-up, but it's fun.

(More pictures: front page, colors, templates, filepdf)

3. Desktop Folder

Price: $0
License: GPLv3+
Source code: GitHub

Bring back icons on desktop area with this. This thing is important to me because --you know it-- elementary OS does not permit right-click on desktop area nor icons on it. DesktopFolder allows me to put notes and pictures, all in one app. Anyway, this one is the only gratis app I list here.

(More pictures: grid, folder, photo, notes, settings)

4. Notes-Up

Price: $12
License: GPLv3+
Source code: GitHub

By Felipe Escoto once again, a document writing and school note taking application. You may think Spice-Up above resembles Impress, while Notes-Up resembles Writer. It uses # to make headings, _ _ to italicize, and ** ** to bold text (this kind of code is called Markdown), with awesome built-in code guide panel.

5. Screencast

Price: $1
License: GPLv3+
Source code: GitHub

By Artem Anufrij, it's an awesome screencasting program with yellow-cursor circle, voice record, and custom screen area selection.

(More pictures: pause/finish, settings)

End Notes

That's all. I hope you like those five. A little idea comes up while writing this: I think it's great if non-paid apps got the same Fund button like the paid ones', with elementary LLC., holds the funds temporarily if the app developer doesn't have yet an account on the AppCenter Dashboard. I don't know if this idea or better one has been established within the team but I'd like to say it here. Finally, enjoy elementary OS, and enjoy paid free software from AppCenter!

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