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This tutorial explains how to upgrade Linux Mint operating system from 18 to 19 (LTS to LTS) with screenshots and more information. This involves two steps of upgrade, the first is upgrading to 18.3 and the second is to 19. You will use mix of GUI and CLI (Software Updater and Terminal) to perform whole steps. This may takes up to 1GB data download, needs 4GB free space or more, and more than 1 hour (mine takes +/-4 hours) to finish all download and upgrade. Please consider again that upgrading is always risky and only do this if you are ready with it. This tutorial uses Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition (LMCE) as example and you can apply this tutorial to LMME and LMXE as well. Anyway, happy upgrading and good luck!

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  • Upgrading Mint 18 to 19 is basically upgrading Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04.
  • Upgrading is by two steps: first, upgrade to 18.3; second, upgrade 18.3 to 19. 
  • It requires command line mintupgrade and you should first create a Restore Point with Timeshift.


(1) Install Timeshift System Restore Program and then create at least one snapshot ("restore point").
$ sudo apt-get install timeshift

(2) Install command line program named mintupgrade:
$ sudo apt-get install mintupgrade

1. Setup Repository

It's better to change default repository (if used) to nearest mirror available. For example, I live in Indonesia, so Mint decides and to be the best mirrors for me.
  • Select Main repo > choose one mirror
  • Select Base repo > choose one mirror
  • Press Update the cache
  • Let it updates for some time

2. Upgrade to 18.3

This is the first half upgrade. Here, you will experience upgrade two times:

(1) First update:
  • Run Update Manager > Install Updates
  • Let it downloads and installs all updates needed to go to 18.3
  • Answer any question appears with its default choice
  • Restart

(2) Second update:
  • Run Update Manager again > go to Edit > Upgrade to Linux Mint 18.3
  • Follow all instructions with Yes or Accept
  • The real upgrade to 18.3 starts
  • Answer any question appears with its default choice
  • Restart

Where the position of 'Upgrade to' option

Once both updates finished, after restarting, you will see your Mint to be 18.3 Sylvia.

Before and after

Up to this step, you have finished first half upgrade.

3. Upgrade to 19

    Now we will run second half upgrade. There are only two steps:

    (1) Create a snapshot ("restore point") with Timeshift:
    • Find Timeshift on your menu.
    • In the first run, simply accept all default choices.
    • Click Create and save the snapshot. 
    How a created snapshot looks in Timeshift

    NOTE: on my system, this takes up to 2000+ packages in total 1.2GB for 4 hours

    (2) Do upgrade from the Terminal:

    • $ mintupgrade upgrade
    • Answer 'Y' while asked
    • Wait for all downloads and installations take place (this may take some hours!)
    • Answer any question appears with its default choice

    Finished final upgrade will look like this on your Terminal:

    Finished second half upgrade

    4. Reboot & Finish

    Now restart and enjoy your Linux Mint 19 LTS "Tara".

    Happy working!


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