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Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 16:49

This tutorial explains how to install Persepolis on 18.04 and integrate it into both Firefox and Chromium/Chrome (Iridium) browsers. This involves two steps: first, installing Persepolis from a new repository (PPA) and second, installing an add-on into your browser. Finally, you will have a fast and easy to use download manager integrated to your favorite browser!

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Persepolis Features

Persepolis Download Manager (PDM) is an advanced yet user-friendly download manager with interface similar to IDM that is free software. The features of the latest version 3.0.1 (available for 18.04) are these:

  • Integration to Firefox and Chrome/Chromium/Iridium
  • Very user-friendly user interface
  • Using aria2 as back-end downloader
  • Split (accelerate) up to 16x
  • Support multiple languages (more translators needed!)
  • Download YouTube videos with GUI (using youtube-dl as back-end)
  • Scheduling
  • Proxy and authentication
  • Written in Python and Qt

1. Add Repository and Install Persepolis

Run these two command lines on Terminal one by one:

$ sudo add-apt-repository --yes ppa:persepolis/ppa
$ sudo apt-get install --yes persepolis

The process should looks like these:


Adding new repo

Installing the program

Then if you see Setting up messages many times until "Setting up persepolis" as the last one, it means the installation finished. Now run Persepolis from your menu:

Persepolis downloading a video with 1MiB/s speed

Note: it needs to download around 50MiB of data on Ubuntu (GNOME) or less on Kubuntu (KDE).

2. Integration to Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox, or Abrowser, or GNU IceCat, follow these points.
Downloading MP4 video from

3. Integration to Chrome (Iridium)

If you use Chrome, or Chromium, or Iridium browser, then follow these points.

  • Go to the url chrome://extensions/
  • Click the Get more extensions link there
  • Find Persepolis Download Manager Integration Integration by Jafar Akhondali
  • Press ADD TO CHROME button
  • Press Add extension when appears
  • The red circle 'Persepolis' logo appears on your toolbar
  • Persepolis now integrated!
Right-click on any link > Download with Persepolis > let Persepolis download it.

Downloading ebook from

4. Using Video Finder

Now Persepolis supports YouTube downloading thanks to youtube-dl program as the back-end. You find the menu from the Video logo on toolbar or Video Finder from main menu. Copy and paste your YouTube URL into it and press Fetch Media List button and finally press Download Now. You can also select a format between 3GP, MP4, and WEBM available in each video fetched.

Downloading a video from YouTube

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