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Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 23:25

Know how to configure your Kubuntu system. This includes changing login password, interface language (to Arabic, Japanese, Korean, etc.), date/time, and desktop themes. These all done in KDE System Settings alone, the control panel of Kubuntu. This eighth part made short so you can exercise them easily on Kubuntu and later find the others by yourself. Enjoy!

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Where is Control Panel?

It's called System Settings on Kubuntu. Find it on menu!

This is how the control panel looks:

System Settings

Change User's Password

Go to System Settings > Account Details > User Manager.

To change your own password, suppose your username is "kubuntero" (see picture below), select your username from left panel > click Password: box on right panel > enter your new password twice > OK.

Changing your password

Change Language

Go to System Settings > Regional Settings > Language.

Your Kubuntu interface language can be changed to another language than English. By default there are plenty of choices like Arabic, Japanese, Korean, to Germany and Indonesian.

Note: This is the "display language" and not to be confused with "input language". Read this article for example to have Japanese language input.


Kubuntu with Arabic interface (see, it's right-to-left)


Kubuntu with Indonesian interface


Kubuntu with Japanese interface


Kubuntu with Korean interface


Kubuntu with Chinese interface

Change Date/Time

Go to System Settings > Regional Settings > Date & Time > Time Zone.

You can change the default "UTC" to "Jakarta" and press Apply button to change your time to West Indonesia Time, for example. You clock on the panel should changed to chosen time setting immediately.

Changing date/time is easy

Change Desktop Themes

Go to System Settings > Workspace Theme > Look and Feel.

There are 2 options and try to change it to Breeze Dark to have black desktop (with white text) theme. See picture below.

Look and Feel, the overall theme (window & panel)

Go to System Settings > Workspace Themes > Desktop Theme.

There are 5 options which are Air, Breeze Dark, Breeze Light, Breeze, and Oxygen. The default choice is Breeze. Now try to change it to Oxygen and see the new appearance of your desktop widgets.

Desktop Theme, the widgets theme (widget & icon style)

to be continued...

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