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Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 21:23

Know how to connect your smartphone to Kubuntu computer. You can access your phone's memory, transfer files between them using either USB cable or wifi, remote controlling Kubuntu using your phone's touchscreen, and share internet connection from phone to Kubuntu. This seventh article explains you how useful is KDE Connect on Kubuntu to do most the jobs with phone. Enjoy!

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Access Phone (Cable)

Connect your phone to computer with USB cable. Wait a moment so Kubuntu recognize your phone. Open up your phone on Kubuntu with Dolphin File Manager. Now you can access your phone's files and folders.

Accessing phone's memory card from computer

Transfer Files (Cable)

Just the same as accessing, transferring files is done by Dolphin too.

Copying files from phone to computer

Transfer Files (Wifi)

This requires KDE Connect on the phone.

  • Connect between your computer and phone (see Connecting section below).
  • Open the KDE Connect icon on tray and click Folder icon (see picture below).
  • Now Dolphin shows your connected phone's files.
  • Do copy-paste files and folders.

Connecting (Wifi)

This requires KDE Connect on the phone.
You can connect both your phone and computer through KDE Connect application installed on your Android phone. This built-in application is very great you should try it yourself.
  • 1) Computer: Go to Kubuntu menu > see KDE Connect > run KDE Connect.
  • 2) Phone: make a wifi hotspot.
  • 3) Computer: connect to the phone's hotspot > see KDE Connect > press request pairing.
  • 4) Phone: a new pairing request appears > accept it > phone & computer now connected.
Find KDE Connect on menu:

Make sure Kubuntu connected to the phone's hotspot:

"ubuntero" is an example wifi hotspot from a phone

Request pairing from Kubuntu with KDE Connect and accept it on Android phone:

Pairing complete

Remote Controlling (KDE Connect)

This requires KDE Connect on the phone.

You need to use Kubuntu laptop on a presentation session? You want to demonstrate moving cursor on your laptop using your phone? Kubuntu includes program named KDE Connect built-in for that. Pair both (see Connecting section above) and play Remote control in KDE Connect on your phone.

Tap around on Android to move/click cursor on Kubuntu

Internet on Kubuntu from Phone (USB Tethering)

Do you want to share internet from you phone to Kubuntu? Connect your phone with USB cable to computer, then on Android settings enable USB tethering while internet connection is active, finally you get Kubuntu with internet access from the phone. This is a shortcut for you having no fixed-line internet but need to install software on Kubuntu.

Enable USB tethering on Android:

Then you get connected on Kubuntu:

to be continued...

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