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Friday, January 12, 2018 at 20:13


This short tutorial explains how to install Plasma 5 desktop environment at Trisquel 8 "Flidas". You will know what command used, what minimum packages needed, and some important notes (including how much 'MB of data' needed). Enjoy Plasma!

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Install Plasma

$ sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop plasma-nm dolphin sddm kde-spectacle

  • plasma-desktop: package name that installs whole KDE Plasma Desktop. This has Plasma version 5.5 at this time from Flidas repo.
  • plasma-nm: package name that installs the Network Manager at system tray. This has version 5.5 at this time.
  • dolphin: package name that installs the Dolphin File Manager of KDE. This has version 15.12 at this time.
  • sddm: package name that installs the login screen of KDE.
  • kde-spectacle: package name that installs the screenshot taker program.
  • apt-get install: the command to install packages.

Important Notes!

  • Don't leave the screen! You will be asked whether to use SDDM or stay at GDM on Terminal. Just select SDDM and press Enter.
  • This whole installation downloads around +/-300MB of data. Make sure you have sufficient internet bandwidth and disk space.
  • You need to re-login to make Spectacle works. It's better to restart to see if all Plasma installation working properly.

About Plasma

Plasma (sometimes KDE Plasma or Plasma Desktop; formerly KDE Desktop) is a user-friendly desktop for GNU/Linux. If you install Plasma, your system will get a good-looking, fully-functional desktop that is very similar to MS Windows for daily purposes. If you use Plasma, you get all these familiar features: bottom taskbar panel, bottom-left menu, bottom-right system tray, control panel, you can place icons at desktop area & panel, and have Dolphin File Manager, that are all feature-rich yet user-friendly. See Plasma at the official site You can help the development at Donate page.