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Monday, November 27, 2017 at 20:12

Firefox Quantum v57, the latest version of Firefox, is already available at Ubuntu official repositories (for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10). Also, it's officially available (from Mozilla) as binary executable for all GNU/Linux distros both 32bit and 64bit. For most users, you just need the Method 1 below to upgrade your old Firefox with the latest v57. But for some users, if you don't want to lose your old version (because v57 is not compatible with many previous version's add-ons), to keep both old and new Firefox in one system, you can use Method 2 below.

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Method 1: For 14.04, 16.04, 17.10

If you want to upgrade (hence, replace) the built-in Firefox to the new 57 version:

1) Make sure the "security" official repo is active.

Open up "Software & Updates" from desktop menu > go to 'Updates' tab

2) $ sudo apt-get update

3) $ sudo apt-get install firefox

4) Run Firefox 57 from the menu.

Method 2: For All Versions

If you don't want to upgrade, but want 2 different versions installed simultaneously (this method is applicable to other distros such as Trisquel and Debian):

1) Download the official package from Mozilla Foundation's server
2) Extract the package at your Documents folder

3) Double-click the binary file named 'firefox' (the blue diamond-shaped one)

4) Follow additional steps below to add Firefox 57 to Ubuntu menu.

Adding to Menu

These steps are only for you installing Firefox 57 manually so you can find it on desktop menu.

Two Firefox in one system

1) Install Alacarte: $ sudo apt-get install alacarte

2) Run Alacarte

3) Add 'Firefox 57' as a new entry > at "Command:" field, click Browse button and choose the binary file 'firefox' from the extracted folder > customize the icon as you wish

Alacarte, a program to edit Ubuntu desktop menu

5) Close Alacarte

5) Now, Firefox 57 showing at desktop menu along with the old Firefox version