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If you're a beginner and looking for links to help you learning Debian GNU/Linux, this list is for you. This list collects some web pages useful for knowing, installing, using, and learning Debian. This also includes where to get help, where to ask if you have any trouble. This even includes some good videos introducing Debian and the installation. Furthermore, this includes links about contributing to Debian as well.

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This is a links collection about Debian. If you need something else, we have How To Install and What To Do After Installing Debian 9.0.

Knowing Debian

Start from Wikipedia and Debian Wiki:

Reasons to use Debian

There are reasonings why use Debian:

Comparison Between Debian and Ubuntu

Here are links comparing Debian and Ubuntu.

Debian Logo

The official Debian logo is known as "Open Use Logo" containing the famous "swirl" with somewhat pink color. This logo is publicly available at official page

Command Lines

To learn how to operate command lines (or, using Terminal) in Debian, visit these good links:

Debian Releases & History

To know about Debian versions (..., 7.0 Wheezy, 8.0 Jessie, 9.0 Stretch), releases (Stable, Testing, Unstable), and its history (since 1993-2017), see Debian Wiki and Wikipedia:

Downloading Debian

Debian provides complete set of its OS and software repositories, both in binary and source code forms, for all architectures supported, via these links:

Installing Debian

To install Debian, its official wiki provides huge number of tutorials:

Debian Sources.list

Sources.list is a vital file in a Debian system which determines from where Debian must download software packages. To custom sources.list as you wish and correctly, you need to learn from these resources:

Debian Repository

How To Upgrade Debian

If you need to upgrade Debian system, upgrade all the software installed in Debian, here are links you need to learn:

Debian DFSG & Social Contract

Debian is a international free software project. It has its own policy and principles for all members to work. Here, you can learn about Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG) and its free software principles.

Advanced Debian

Debian is a "superman" operating system. It's powerful, stable & configurable, also well-known to be all-purpose server system. Oh don't forget, Debian is "the mother" of Ubuntu. You can make Debian to be a file and SMB server, to be a web server, to be VoIP Server, and to be anything you want! For those advanced purposes, you will learn from these links:

Forums for Debian

Where would you ask when you experience trouble with Debian? You can pay a paid support from anyone, and also you can ask directly Debian users and communities near you.

Paid Support



Here are some videos by community for Debian, such as for installing and reviews.