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Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 17:54

It is a Unity-like "United" theme by llucas for KDE Plasma 5.9. It's a new theme released at January 2017. Installing this theme gives you Unity desktop layout (vertical & horizontal panel) and Unity Ambiance's look (dark titlebar, orange close button). It's easy to install and configure. The rest of this article shows the screenshots and how to install it. Thank you llucas for creating United.

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This is how United theme by llucas looks like in KDE Plasma 5.9:


Theme Details

Desktop Appearance

These are screenshots from my Plasma 5.9 "wearing" United theme:


Maximized window:

Tooltip preview:

Spread window:

Global menu (I added it myself):

How To Install

You will need internet access on your KDE computer. Go to KDE System Settings > Workspace Theme > Look & Feel > click "Get New Looks" > wait the theme installer to download the theme list > select "United" by llucas > click Install > wait until it's finished.

How To Enable

To enable United look and feel theme, once installed, do the followings:

  • Go to System Settings
  • Workspace Theme: Look And Feel: select United > click Apply.
  • Workspace Theme: Desktop Theme: select Unity Ambiance > click Apply.
  • Application Style: Window Decorations: make sure Blender-Ambiance is selected.
  • Workspace Theme: Look And Feel: check "Use desktop layout from theme" click Apply.