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Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 14:53

Following "United" theme, there is also "Simple Menu" launcher for KDE Plasma 5.9. It's minimal, a smaller form of full screen menu; it's also clean, showing all applications at once. Honestly, it's UI is similar to Pantheon Menu in elementary OS but including categories. If you like horizontal-oriented menu, Simple Menu is suitable for you. It's available to install from KDE Store. Thanks to Sho for creating Simple Menu.

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Here is how it looks. When you press Super key or click on menu icon, the menu launcher "Simple Menu" shows floating on your desktop. Simple Menu supports following features:
  • search
  • categories
  • pagination (just like Pantheon Menu)
  • logout buttons
  • favorites
  • create shortcut (right-click > Add to Somewhere)

How To Install

To install Simple Menu, make sure your internet access is enabled, right-click on desktop > Add Widget > click Get new widgets > select Download new plasma widgets > a new dialog appears > search for "Simple Menu" (author: Sho) > click Install button.

How To Enable

To enable simple menu, right-click on menu icon button > click Alternatives > select Simple Menu > click Switch. To revert it back, just select Application Launcher again.