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Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 21:34

This article collects resources and materials (e.g. download links) from the recently held (between August and September 2016) international conferences, hackfest, and meeting in Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) community worldwide. I cover 4 conferences: GHM 2016, LibreOffice Conference 2016, QtCon 2016, and Akademy 2016; plus the next 2 conferences for October 2016 (openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 and SFK2016) at the end. If you find any broken link or new link/information, please inform me via comment. I hope this new kind of UbuntuBuzz article would be really helpful for you.



I write this to help anyone to download every materials or resources available from them. To describe contents of this article: you will find some links to download the video or audio, presentations or text documents, or links to the official conference information, or at least the detailed information about the conference. For example, this article (and the next articles) will bring materials from already held GHM, Linux Kernel Summit, FOSDEM, GUADEC, Akademy, and such FLOSS conferences. I want every FLOSS community member can access the materials easily.

A. Finished Conferences

1. GNU Hackers' Meeting 2016

2. LibreOffice Conference 2016


3. QtCon 2016

4. Akademy 2016

B. Upcoming Conferences

1. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016

2. Software Freedom Kosova 2016

About FLOSS Community 

FLOSS (Free/Libre & Open Source Software) is a combination of free software and open source communities worldwide, concerning mainly about software freedom and open source methodology, spreading values and software such as GNU/Linux operating systems, Mozilla Firefox, KDE, Inkscape, and so on. Free software community started back at 1983 when the GNU Project initially announced, while open source community started back at 1998 when the Open Source Initiative organization initially founded. FLOSS community as a whole consists of many communities such as Qt Community, and every single community (usually) has international conference such as Qt has QtCon, KDE has Akademy, GNU has GHM, Linux has LinuxCon, and so on.