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Thursday, December 31, 2015 at 22:00

We've written about installing Synfig Studio from official repository. But actually Synfig has a very new version (called development version) available and it is not available yet in official repository. We see many improvements especially in user interface in this 1.1.14 version so we will try to install. It is Synfig Studio development version, so install it only in trial operating system (such as Ubuntu live session) and don't use it in production. Don't install this in a system where there is a previous Synfig Studio already installed.

Download Package

Go to > scroll down > select one Cobra date of development > you can consider donating any amount of money > but if not, type "0" > press I want this.

Then the site asks for your email. You should enter an email address to continue. After typing, press Get.

Then two links will appear. Click View Product.

Then you will be redirected to a special download page. Here you can download DEB package or RPM package. Choose DEB package because you use Ubuntu. Choose i386 for 32 bit or amd64 for 64 bit.

For example, we download the synfigstudio_1.1.3-20151109_i386.deb.

Install Package

Perform below command. In a freshly installed 14.04 32 bit, we don't need to download any dependencies.
sudo dpkg -i synfigstudio_1.1.3-20151109_i386.deb