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Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 16:00

Add/remove program system is the core functionality in every operating system. In Ubuntu nowadays, this functionality is handled by Ubuntu Software Center (will mentioned as USC). This is a beginner guide about using USC, introducing you basically how to do add/remove program in Ubuntu. USC resembles Google Play Store for Android user or App Store for Apple OS X and iOS user. Enjoy.



  • Ubuntu Software Center is a program to help user download and install software from Ubuntu repository server. 
  • Ubuntu Software Center shows applications with friendly appearance with icon and description.
  • Ubuntu Software Center simplify all process to install, just like Google Play Store in Android. 
  • Ubuntu Software Center is technically a package manager front-end which replaced Ubuntu's old one Synaptic Package Manager. USC is simpler in usability than Synaptic.

First Time Usage

Open Ubuntu Software Center > Edit > Software Sources > check all 4 repository components (see picture above) > uncheck Cdrom with Ubuntu... option (see picture above) > press Close button > let USC downloads index files. It will needs approximately 15 MB download.

This action is called "Reload". At every first time usage of USC, you will need to do "reload" at least once. Reload means setting correct repository and downloading index of repository being used. Every time repository setting changed, you must do reload once. It is not upgrading any application, nor installing any application. It's just downloading index files (the map of server contents). Once you've done reload, you can install any application you want in USC.

Search Application

After you've done reloading, you can search for any application. Type on the search box at top-left corner or browse manually by category. In this example, we show you GIMP searching resulting in GIMP program, GIMP books, and some another related programs.

Show Application Details

To show application details, click on More Info button on every application entry. You can see program description, screenshots, rating, technical information, and additionally comments by USC users worldwide.

Install Application

To install application, search first (i.e. inkscape) > click Install button > wait for downloading progress > finish. You can see your installed program on Ubuntu menu.

Uninstall Application

To uninstall an application (i.e. Geany), search for its name > click Remove button. This action doesn't need internet connection.

Change Repository

To change repository (e.g. select local repository on your country), open menu Edit > Software Sources > Download From: Other > select a country (i.e. Indonesia) > select one repository server selection (i.e.  > Choose Server > close Software & Updates. USC will automatically reload your new repository choice by downloading index files once again. It needs approximately 15 MB to download.