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Friday, October 9, 2015 at 23:05

Many people ask LibreOffice Team to create equation editor in Writer. Actually, there is already that equation editor. LibreOffice Writer equation editor done with LibreOffice Math. And LibreOffice doesn't call it equation, LibreOffice calls it formula. We just need to know how to use it. Here, we will insert equations inside Writer document.

Write A Document


What we need to demonstrate, is just creating a simple document like this. We want to insert Einstein's formula, a complex mathematic function, sin, and cos. Yes, this is just basic examples. You can adapt them to your needs.

Insert An Equation


Basically, to insert an equation, you need to open menu Insert > Object > Formula. We will do this frequently.

Insert Einstein's Formula


Insert formula. You will see Writer interface changes like this. You will see left panel with equation models choices and bottom panel as raw formula text input. You will realize this interface comes from LibreOffice Math. To insert Einstein's one, from left panel, choose Examples > double click E = mc2. You will see the formula inserted into Writer document.

Insert Complex Mathematic Formula


Two entry below Einstein's, there is a complex mathematic formula.

Insert Sinus and Cosinus


If you want to such customizable formulas, use formula presets. For example, sinus and cosinus. You can edit the number from the bottom panel. For sinus and cosinus, you will find them from Functions category. Double click the function you want.

Final Result


To see final result, export Writer document into PDF. Our result will be like this.