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Friday, July 31, 2015 at 10:56

After trying SSH Tunneling, probably you feel it is painful to change proxy settings manually every time. And maybe you have another proxy so you need a quick proxy changer. There are extensions to help us change the proxy settings by just a click. It is SwitchySharp for Chrome and Proxy Selector on Firefox. Of course, you may create different proxy configurations as many as possible if you have more than one. I will show you how to install and use it.


  1. Open Firefox Add-ons page (about:addons).
  2. Search for "proxy selector". 
  3. Press install button. You need internet connection for it. 
  4. After installing, restart your Firefox.
  5. When your Firefox is up again, you get a new icon (proxy selector) on the toolbar. Open it > Manage Proxies. 
  6. Fill the blanks with your proxy configuration. Name it yourself (e.g. SSH). To set a SSH Tunnel SOCKS Proxy, see our previous article.
  7. To use a proxy (or SSH Tunnel SOCKS), click the icon and select. To disable a proxy, just click it and set to No Proxy

If you are using SSH Tunnel SOCKS proxy, then to test whether the SSH Tunnel works or not, just type what is my ip on Google.


  1. Go to this official page or search switchysharp chrome on Google.
  2. Install that SwitchySharp extension. Yes, you must use Google Chrome or Chromium and are not in incognito mode. 
  3. After installing, go to the SwitchySharp Options and fill your proxy settings. Name it as a ew profile. To set SSH Tunnel SOCKS proxy, see our previous article
  4. To use a proxy, click on the SwitchySharp (earth icon) button > click your proxy name. To disable your current proxy, click Direct Connection