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Monday, June 29, 2015 at 23:32

LibreOffice still has too few unofficial tutorials. Especially in bibliography related topics. So I write this basic guide. I will show you how to make a simple bibliography in LibreOffice Writer. What you will create? See picture below.


  1. Save the books information into bibliography database.
  2. Place your cursor. 
  3. Add a citation by Insert Bibliography Entry.
  4. Create bibliography list. 
As I said, it is just a basic. You get global overview here. You may extend this guide by Zotero, Mendeley, Jabref, or another programs to help LibreOffice creates better bibliography.

Bibliography Database

Before you go, you must enter all your books information first. If you have three books for your document as references, then record first their information. They are including author, title, year, publisher, ISBN, etc. as you need. Bibliography database is a place where you save them all. It is better to create short-meaningful Identifier for every book. For example, a book from Onno Widodo Purbo at 2007 will have shortname Onno, 2007 and so on. It will ease yourself later.

Insert Citation

  1. Take menu Insert > Indexes and Tables > Bibliography Entry. 
  2. Select your book from Short Name selection. 
  3. Click Insert button.

Every citation will appear like this:

Create Bibliography List

To finish your job, create final bibliography list. Place your cursor in the end of document.

  1. Take menu Insert > Indexes and Tables > Indexes and Tables.
  2. Select Bibliography from Type row.
  3. Check Number entries and select [ ] for Brackets line.
  4. Click OK.

Final Result

Your final result should be like this.

Further Reference

To learn how to create great bibliography, you will need these links.