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Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 10:30

Seafile is a desktop client of Seacloud service. Seafile is available for Ubuntu. I will show you how to install Seafile in Kubuntu 15.04 and how to use it basically. You can use this tutorial in Ubuntu or another official derivatives.

Seafile Desktop Client

Download Seafile

Go to and choose one package for your Ubuntu. Choose i386 (32 bit) or amd64 (64 bit) according to your computer. I choose i386 here.

Install Seafile in Kubuntu

  1. In Kubuntu 15.04, right-click the deb package file > Open With > QApt. 
  2. Press install package.
  3. This installation needs online internet connection.
  4. This installation will also install libevent and libjansson4 package.

Install Seafile in Ubuntu

By Terminal, use this command when the Seafile deb package is in Home directory.
sudo dpkg -i seafile_number_number.deb

Note: you can just type the file name sea then press TAB then Terminal will automatically complete the long file name.

Starting Seafile

First - Once you start Seafile from menu, at first time, it will ask you where to save Seafile folder. In this example, I choose /home/kubuntu so the folder will be /home/kubuntu/Seafile and the sync folder will be /home/kubuntu/Seafile/mycloudfolder.

Second - Seafile will ask for your account in Seacloud service. I have a free account and I enter those information. Then click login. See picture below.

Third - Seafile main window will appear in your desktop. Seafile also has a tray icon in your taskbar panel. Notice the cloud icon that means the file or folder is still in the cloud server. See picture below.

Synchronizing A Folder

Upload - To upload your local files or folders to your folder into Seacloud server, you just need to synchronize your Seacloud folder. For example, I have My Library folder there and I want my pictures in Kubuntu uploaded there. First, I click Sync on My Library in Seafile window so a new folder My library will be created in my Seafile folder. Second, I just copy all files I want to upload in the My Library folder. Third, I click sync again in Seafile window. See picture below.

Download - It is same with upload. If you have a folder in Seacloud, download them into your computer by sync again. You don't need to open your browser.

Check on The Web

You can check your files on server by visiting your service. I used Just login and see your files. They are same with your local files.

Seafile Startup

If your Seafile doesn't start immediately after booting, you can enter it in startup entry. I will give an example in Kubuntu.

  1. Open menu > search for startup > open it. 
  2. Add new entry > type the command seafile-applet. Name it as you want. 
  3. OK. 
Reboot to see your changes. Again, you can apply this steps to another Ubuntu official derivatives.