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Monday, April 20, 2015 at 21:30

Telegram is a new chatting protocol similar to WhatsApp. Telegram is open source software licensed in GNU GPL version 3. The main great feature of Telegram that WhatsApp doesn't have is Linux desktop client. This tutorial will guide you step by step how to install it in Ubuntu.

Telegram Desktop for Ubuntu

1. Visit Telegram Website

The address is

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2. Download Telegram Package

Click the blue Download button (Get Telegram for Linux). It should download a package file with .tar.xz extension. It is a compressed file.

3. Extract The Package

Right click on that package > Extract Here. Then you get a folder named Telegram. Open that folder. 

4. Double Click Telegram Executable

You get two executable files. One named Telegram (the installer program) and one named Updater (the program updater). Double click Telegram.

Ultimately Easy Installation

5. Telegram Installed Successfully


Wait until Telegram main window appears. It means your Telegram has installed successfully. You can see your Ubuntu menu to open Telegram later.

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