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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 14:02

Did you use Microsoft Powerpoint before? If you are a teacher, then you probably often create interactive educational media with it. Now you are using Linux. So how to use the tools available in your Linux to create similar thing? You can start with LibreOffice Impress to create interactive presentation. Including buttons and actions. I will show you the basic creation of such presentation. It is still simple but you can improve it to be more complex.

LibreOffice Impress Simple Quiz

What You Will Create

  1. You will create a quiz in LibreOffice Impress. Given some question including the answer options as buttons. User chooses and clicks the button. If it is true, then user goes forward to next question. If not true, then go back to the beginning. It is similar with game.
  2. The quiz consists of only 2 questions. Each question has two answer options. 
  3. So there will be only 2 main slides, 2 hidden slides after first slide and 2 hidden slides after second slide, and 1 opening slide
  4. Total slides are 7. See picture below.

What To Do

  1. Open LibreOffice Impress.
  2. In this new presentation document, you will configure the behavior of the presentation. 
  3. To do that, go to menu Slide Show > Slide Show Settings >  remove check from the option Change slides by clicking on background and Change slides manually. Make the options to be same with picture below.
    Disable All Clicks Except The Button

  4. Now create 1 slide for opening > 2 slides for question > 4 slides for hidden slides as the event results. See the sequences at the first picture above. You can make any question.
  5. Now at the first question slide, slide number 2, after you write the question, create two rectangle shapes. Write the answer into each rectangle. They will be the answer buttons. See picture below. 

  6. Do the point 5 for the second question slide, slide number 5.
  7. Now go to slide number 3. Make it hidden by right click > Hide Slide.
    Hide Slide
  8. Still in slide number 3, make it a correct result for question slide number 2. To do that, create two rectangles. First rectangle contains RIGHT! text and second contains GO FORWARD. See picture below.
    Make The Correct Slide
  9. Now go to slide number 4. Make it hidden by right click > Hide Slide.
  10. Still in slide number 4, make it as incorrect result for question slide number 2. TO do that, do the same thing as point 8 but change the text into WRONG and GO BACK. See picture below. 
    Make The Incorrect Slide
  11. Now you should connect the buttons from slide number 2 with hidden slide number 3 and 4. Assume the first button in slide 2 is correct one and second button is incorrect one. Then right click first button > Interaction > Go to page or object > select Slide 3. So connect correct button -> correct slide. See pictures below.
  12. Right click > Interaction > select slide destination
  13. Now you should connect the incorrect button in slide 2 into slide number 4. Just repeat point 11. So connect incorrect button -> incorrect slide.
  14. Until this, your presentation can connect the correct button to the correct slide, and the incorrect button to the incorrect slide. But it can not go back or go forward if it is false or true. Now you should create them.
  15. Now go to slide number 3. Right click GO FORWARD rectangles > Interaction > Go to page or object > select Slide 5. This will make your  presentation jump to the next question.
    Insert Interaction / Event
  16. Now go to slide number 4. Right click GO BACK rectangle > Interaction > Go to page or object > select Slide 1. This will make your presentation jump to opening slide.
  17. Until this, you have a complete quiz for one single question. Now repeat point 5 until 15 so you have a complete quiz for second question. Remember that 1 question slide needs 2 hidden slides. So 2 question slides need 4, 3 question slides need 6, and so on. 
  18. Now go back to the first slide. Make this slide an opening slide. Just write your quiz title and create a rectangle shape > connect the rectangle to the first question (slide number 2).
  19. Now test your quiz by viewing Slide Show (F5).


  1. Interactive presentation or quiz in LibreOffice Impress can be created by right click a shape > Interaction > select slide.  
  2. In every question, there are must be (at least) 2 hidden slides as the result.

Download ODP Examples

You can  download my ODP example I use to write this article.