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Senior author, Open Source enthusiast.
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 19:08

Do you want LibreOffice to not auto correcting some words such as KGet, KTorrent, GBrainy, and another two initial capital words? As example, I am writing a download manager book today, and LibreOffice is always correcting my writing. If I write KGet, LibreOffice corrects it into Kget. And so on. Should I do Ctrl+H (Replace) in every chapter I wrote? Is there no way to exclude certain words to not automatically be corrected? Yes, there is.

1. Open menu Tools > AutoCorrect Options.
2. Go to Exceptions tab.
3. Go to Words With Two Initial Capitals.
4. Enter there the words you want to exclude. In this example, KGet and KTorrent.
5. Click New button in the left.
6. Then click OK.

After that, you will notice that if you type those words, LibreOffice will never auto correcting them again. Important notice for you if you have two or more different LibreOffice versions installed in your system, then you must enter your exceptions in every of it. It is because every LibreOffice version installed saves its own configuration.