SuperTuxKart is a free 3D kart racing game featuring  many open source project characters and mascots. It's a fun game which make us addicted to it from playing again and again especially if you have friends to join in multiplayer "battle". We can play up to 4 characters in one PC, and a network multiplayer is planned for future release.

SuperTuxKart has some features which make it fun to play:

  • Over 20 tracks and battle arenas
  • Split-screen multiplayer support
  • Many game modes
    • Grand Prix
    • Single Race
    • Time Trial
    • Follow-the-leader
    • 3-Strikes Battles
  • Funny characters
  • Runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOSX, FreeBSD, Solaris
Recently, when I wanted to play this game in multiplayer mode with my friend. Some characters and tracks was locked because I have not played a whole challenges yet. So, today I'd like to share my experience on unlocking those characters and tracks in an easy manner.

In usual way, you have to win some challenges to unlock characters and tracks. Fortunately, all records about what challenges have been completed can found in the file named "challenges.xml" which is located in "/home/USERNAME/.config/supertuxkart/challenges.xml". So please the file with your favorite text editor and change ALL the "false"  value into "true".

Save the file and play the game! And voila! All characters and tracks has been unlocked.

Have fun :)