Dual boot is a common method for those who want to try Linux operating system without leaving the current operating system, mainly Windows. Dual boot enables two operating systems or more to be installed in one computer. In Windows-Linux case, Linux can easily "read" the Windows partition including the NTFS partition, but Linux partition can be read by default in Windows without installing third party application. So, if you want to a quick access to any file in Linux partition while you are on Windows without rebooting, you might give DiskInternals Linux Reader a try!

DiskInternals Linux Reader play a role as a bridge between Windows and Linux partition. It allows us to read Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, HFS and ReiserFS file systems from Linux partitions. There are many features of DiskInternals Linux Reader that make this application worth a try:
  • It is absolutely free (closed source though)
  • It provides read-only access to Linux partition, so it won't let you to make any changes in Linux partition which sometimes make some trouble when you do that.
  • Support files on any size
  • File previewer including image
  • Windows explorer-like interface which makes it easy to use for Windows user.
  • It should work on any version of Windows
  • Most action can be performed by right clicking the mouse

If you are interesting in DiskInternals Linux Reader, you can grab the installer here:

Download DiskInternals Linux Reader

Regards :)