Recently, I wrote a post about another download accelerator for Linux users, Xtreme Download Manager. In that post, I was unable to integrate the download manager into my web browser (Mozilla Firefox). Today, I'd like to share my experience integrating it with Mozilla Firefox with you all guys. OK, let's get started!

Now, please open both Xtremen Download Manager and Mozilla Firefox. In the Xtreme Download Manager menu, select "Tools > Browser Integration". A new dialog window will appear:

Xtreme Download Manager will ask you to install its extension for Firefox, simply drag and drop the icon into your Firefox window to install it. Once installed, please quit both Xtreme Download Manager and Mozilla Firefox application. Then, start the Xtreme Download Manager first then start the browser, please ALWAYS start XDM before starting the browser. Now, Xtreme Download Manager will be able to capture download as long as it is running.

Configuring Other Browsers
To enable integration of Xtreme Download Manager with other browsers, you need to configure proxy configuration for your system or your browser. If you are using Google Chrome, you need to configure system proxy settings so it uses "auto proxy configuration(PAC)" and point to "http://localhost:9614/proxy.pac". If you are using Opera, you configure it by accessing "Menu > Settings > Preferences ..." and go to "Advanced" tab, select "Network" section and press the "Proxy Servers" button. Configure it so it becomes like the picture below:

Good luck!