I have a written about the latest XFCE Terminal which adds drop down Terminal functionality like Guake or Yakuake. If you don't read it, please click here to read and install the latest version of XFCE Terminal so you can follow this tutorial. As far as I know, Thunar file manager comes with "Open Terminal Here" context menu. You can see it by right clicking on any folder from Thunar File Manager.

By default, it will open the default XFCE Terminal in a normal window. I want to open it on drop down XFCE Terminal, how can I do that? Well, today I want to share a little trick on how to do that.

Please make sure you have installed and configured drop down XFCE Terminal properly, please click here for the instruction. Open Thunar File Manager and navigate to "Edit > Configure custom actions ..." and you will see a dialog windows like picture below:

You can add a new custom action or edit the existing one. In this post, I want to edit the "Open Terminal Here" custom action, there is no big differences between adding or editing custom action, so if you want to add a new custom action you can follow this post too.

Highlight the "Open Terminal Here" custom command and press the edit icon on the right and you will see a new dialog window

All you need to do is change the value of "Command field" and optionally you can change name, description, and icon. Now replace the value of "Command" field with:
  • xfce4-terminal --tab --drop-down --working-directory %f
Press OK when you're done. Now everytime you access "Open Terminal Here" context menu from Thunar File Manager, it will open drop down XFCE Terminal and append a new tab for you.

via: Xubuntu Geek