As promised before, today Canonical announces the mobile version of Ubuntu "Ubuntu for phones". This mobile version of Ubuntu was built around the existing Android kernel and drivers but it doesn't use Java Virtual Machine to achieve the full power of the phone. Canonical said that it's easy to vendors that already make device for Android to adopt Ubuntu on their devices. Well, obviously there will be more competitions around mobile phone OS in the market, Android, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, iPhone, and Android for phones :D

Ubuntu for phone has a unique design and interface to separate it from other competitors. Curious about what Ubuntu for phones look a like? Please watch this tralier video:

Ubuntu for phones applications divided in two categories: web apps and native apps. Web apps are the first class citizens on Ubuntu, Ubuntu for phones targeting a standard cross-platform web app development frameworks like PhoneGap to work with Ubuntu for phones.

For native applications, Ubuntu for phones uses QML to give you a really slick, easy development experience for native apps with engines in C or C++, and JavaScript for UI glue that isn’t performance critical.With native applications, we can gain movements, transitions, and graphics-heavy games. The QML toolkit and sample applications are available for download today, please visit Ubuntuu gomobile developer page.

Well, I hope phone with Ubuntu OS will be available soon :)

via: Ubuntu