Clock is a lightweight and beautiful HTML5 powered desktop clock application which is available for Windows and Linux including Ubuntu. At a glance, Clock interface is like Windows 8 Metro style as shown in the picture below.

Clock has four clock modes which can be changed from Settings page.
1. Analog Clock
This traditional clock is digitally enhanced and presented in a sleek manner.

2. Digital Clock
Use this setting if you want to see the precious time you have. You can change its behaviour to show the seconds, use 12 or 24 hours format.

3. Polar Clock
If you need an extraordinary way to display the time, use Polar Clock. It's simple and intuitive.

4. Timer Mode
Clock can also be used as a count down timer. Simply click the upper right icon the activate the timer mode. Enter the time you wish to count, and click start icon.

In the Settings page, you can change the clock color, time format, and clock format. Just select the item, the Clock will changed automatically. To close Setting page, click the Settings icon again.

Install Clock on Ubuntu
To install Clock on Ubuntu, please download the deb package here. Once downloaded install the deb package with the following command:
  • sudo dpkg -i clock_0.6-1_all.deb
In my Xubuntu, Clock can be accessed from "Other" section in the Application Menu or type "clock" command in the Terminal.

Enjoy it :)