ttThe Linux Kernel 3.7 just released and of course, brings many improvements, features, and bug fixes. Today I'd like to share the download links of the latest Linux Kernel so you can download and install them easily on Ubuntu because the files are in Deb packages.

Kernel Linux 3.7 changes and improvements:
  • Better support for Radeon & Intel graphics cards
  • Add dgrp driver for Digi Realport devices
  • Implement aggressive SATA device sleep support
  • Add platform driver for Calxeda AHCI controller
  • Add new codec ALC283 ALC290 support
  • Add support for Macbook Pro 10,1
  • add support for Cypress FX2LP
  • add Alcatel X220/X500D USB IDs
  • and more!

Download Linux Kerner 3.7 deb packages for Ubuntu:
Please download all files which are suitable for your system architecture and put the in the same folder:


Please note that do NOT install these files on a production system because it may cause some problems on your system.

Once downloaded, simply run the following command to install the files:
  • sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Regards :)