DBeaver is my favourite GUI database tool under Ubuntu. It reminds me to Heidi SQL which runs on Windows. DBeaver is java-based universal database tool which supports large variety of database engines such as MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more by using JDBC driver. As it's a java-based application, it can be installed and run on many operating systems which support Java including Ubuntu.

General features of DBeaver:
  • Database metadata browse
  • Metadata editor (tables, columns, keys, indexes)
  • SQL statements/scripts execution
  • SQL highlighting (specific for each database engine)
  • Autocompletion and metadata hyperlinks in SQL editor
  • Result set/table edit
  • BLOB/CLOB support (view and edit modes)
  • Scrollable resultsets
  • Data (tables, query results) export
  • Transactions management
  • Database objects (tables, columns, constraints, procedures) search
  • ER diagrams
  • Database object bookmarks
  • SQL scripts management
  • Projects (connections, SQL scripts and bookmarks)

Beside the general features above, there many specific features which come with the database driver.

Install DBeaver on Ubuntu
To install DBeaver on Ubuntu, please download its deb installer here. Once installed, simply run the following command to install DBeaver and its dependencies:
  • sudo dpkg -i dbeaver_2.0.2_i386.deb
  • sudo apt-get -f install
Please note that you need an Internet connection to make DBeaver easier to use. DBeaver will download the driver of your connection automatically from the Internet. For example, if you make a MySQL connection, it automatically download the appropriate driver for it. So easy!

In case you have no Internet connection, you can download the database driver manually here.

Good luck!