Ubuntu on Air is a brand new project from Canonical that aims to build better community interaction. Till date, most of the interaction was IRC and text based, including classroom sessions, developer meetings etc. But now, the Ubuntu devs are planning to introduce something where users and other developers will be able to actively interact with each other.

Jose Antonio Rey posted in his web blog -
“Ubuntu on Air! is a new project, that will bring instructors, developers, leaders, etc. to your screen. Basically, the idea consists of a Google+ Hangout, that will be broadcasted live via YouTube. You will be able to interact with the speakers in real time, ask questions, and tell them to explain things as you like.”
There is a separate IRC channel set up specially for Ubuntu On Air, and also an Youtube channel that will enable you to view past sessions.
The first video session is scheduled to be held on July 26 at 18 hours (UTC). If you want to join the action and interact with other Ubuntu developers on video chat, be sure to join this session on #ubuntu-on-air channel at irc.freenode.net. The link for the hangout stream will be provided at the beginning of chat.

Via: Muktware