Well, recently I wrote about the first part about success story of BlackBerry on Ubuntu. Today, I will continue "my story" :D In this post I'll cover the rest of LinBerry Beta 2 features: Contacts Manager, Applications Manager, and use BlackBerry device as a modem.

3. Contacts Manager

To access contact manager, simply choose "Contacts Manager" (or something like that) on LinBerry main menu. In Contacts Manager, you can perform basic data manipulation such as adding new contact, editing existing contact, and delete existing contact.

The "Add new contact" form is just like adding new contact on BlackBerry device, you can set the name, email, BlackBerry PIN, etc. As I said before, you can edit and delete existing contact using "Edit contact" and "Delete contact" button.

4. Applications Manager
Applications manager provides three main features: install new application by using *.cod file on your computer, deleting or uninstalling existing application, and extract applications from BlackBerry device into computer, the result of this extraction is a *.cod file which you can install by using LinBerry too.

Although I haven't tried it, we should be able to distribute the *.cod file and install it on another BlackBerry device without re-download the application. Mmm, in my humble opinion, not tested yet :)

5. Use BlackBerry Device as a Modem
This part is little tricky, when you use this feature for the first time, LinBerry needs to verify your Internet properties in BlackBerry, please click "Proceed" to begin the verification process. Once verified, you have to restart your BlackBerry device.

Click "Restart my blackberry", while BlackBerry is restarting, please unplug BlackBerry from USB port. Once completely restarted, plug BlackBerry to USB port again and click "My BlackBerry has restarted .. continue" on LinBerry.

New window will appear and one more step to use BlackBerry device as a modem.

The last step you should do is configuring APN, click "APN Config", in the drop down list select "Perfil_Manual" then fill the required fileds.

Please contact you network service provider to complete this step. Once the APN is configured, click "Accept" and click "Connect" to connect to the Internet.

Regards :)