Wunderlist is a popular task organizer software which makes organizing daily life easier. Just create a list and start filling it with things that need to be completed. We also can be notified with important tasks with reminders and notifications. Wunderlist can be used everywhere because Wunderlist is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. So, you can create a task at your home and access it when you go.

Wunderlist on Ubuntu
Although Wunderlist is available for Linux, it's troublesome to run it on Ubuntu. There many dependency errors while running this application. So, today I'd like to share you a simple trick to get Wunderlist works on Ubuntu, especially Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin.

Getting Wunderlist
The Wunderlist for Linux can be downloaded here. Please choose the appropriate system architecture (for 32bit or 64bit). Once downloaded, extract the archive, and move the extracted folder to "/opt" by typing the following command:
  • sudo mv Wunderlist-1.2.4/ /opt/

Then download the script provided here. Extract the file and run the following command:
  • cd wunder
  • ./wunderinstall
If everything goes successfully, you should have Wunderlist on Unity Dash Menu.

Open it and you will have Wunderlist opened on your Ubuntu. Login with your account or create new one if you don't have such account.

Enjoy :)