Canonical is organizing a contest called 'the Ubuntu App Showdown' to create an app from scratch for Ubuntu in three weeks, and delivered in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

The best apps will win some awesome prizes from System76 and Qt including a System76 Gazelle Professional laptop and Nokia N9 phone for the gold prize, a System76 Lemur Ultra laptop and Nokia N9 phone for the silver prize and a Nokia N9 phone for the bronze prize.

After the contest the community will vote on all of the apps in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Completed entries in The Ubuntu App Showdown will be judged by an esteemed pan of judging submissions on Appearance, Stability, Platform Integration, Innovation and Scratching an Itch. The panel includes:
  • Matthew Paul Thomas – Canonical Design Team
  • Jono Bacon – Ubuntu Community Manager
  • Joey-Elijah Sneddon – OMG! Ubuntu! Founder and Chief Editor
  • David Planella – App Developer Community Liaison
  • Bhavani Shankar – Application Review Board
  • Jonathan Thomas – OpenShot Lead Developer
If you have any questions, you can have look at Ubuntu App Showdown page and FAQs page or ask anything on askubuntu.

Here are the prizes at a glance

 So, you’ve got 3 weeks and you have to be Quick. Are you up to the challenge?