It's possible to run java-based phone application such as Opera Mini, Mig33, Nimbuzz, etc on Ubuntu. Well, by using MicroEmulator, it can be done easily! Today, I'd like to show you step-by-step on how to do it. Let's get started!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to run Opera Mini on Ubuntu using MicroEmulator. Of course, you can run another application as you wish.

Preparing the needs
Because MicroEmulator is Java-based application, you have to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Simply run the following command to install JRE on Ubuntu:
  • sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
Then download MicroEmulator here. You might also need to download a copy of Opera Mini (or application you choose), you can download Opera Mini here, please download both *.jad and *.jar file and put on the same folder.

Usage instruction
Once everything is prepared, extract MicroEmulator and give execution permission to "microemulator.jar".
  • chmod +x microemulator.jar
Then right click on "microemulator.jar" and choose "Open With OpenJDK 6 Runtime".

You'll have MicroEmulator window opened. Now, navigate to "File > Open MIDlet File ...", locate the *.jad file of Opera Mini and then click "OK" button.

Once the *.jad file opened, click "Start" on MicroEmulator and now you should have Opera Mini on the screen!

Enjoy :)