LinBerry is an application developed as an alternative of RIM's Desktop Manager. This applications offers the possibility to manage BlackBerry devices on Linux. What LinBerry can do?

  • Perform Backups
  • You can make a backup of your device, and restore your data later.
  • Manage contacts
  • LinBerry allows you to manage your contacts, editing all the options you can find on your device.
  • Installing and uninstalling applications
  • Now you can install and uninstall applications on BlackBerry easily.
  • Connect to the Internet using your BlackBerry as a modem
  • Connect to the world using your device as a modem. It's simple.

LinBerry is in alpha state, it needs many fixes and improvements for a final state. What is expected in future release of LinBerry?
  • Upgrade the OS of the device
  • Make Wipe (memory reset) device
  • Sync with Evolution and / or Thuntherbird Ligthning
  • Multilingual support beginning with the English language
  • And much more!
Install LinBerry on Ubuntu
Please download its *.deb installer here (Spanish website), once downloaded simply extract the archive until you get the *.deb files and type the following command to install them:
  • sudo dpkg -i *.deb
BlackBerry series currently tested with LinBerry:
  • Blackberry Gemini 8520
  • Javelin 8900
  • Bold 9000
  • Bold 9650
  • Curve 8310
But it's expected to work with major BlackBerry devices.

Use at your own risk!