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Monday, February 6, 2012 at 12:50

Frederico Araújo Mendes sent us his design concept (Mockup) of Unity 5.x that was intended for Ubuntu 12.04, is this design will be the next candidate of Ubuntu 12.04 Unity design? I hope so ..

That was interesting design from him, this design reflects the power of modern desktop, all we want are available in a single click. I think some of this features may indeed be present in Unity today or tomorrow. Some of features that's good and should be considered to be the next Unity features are :

  • Unity Widgets - Some poeple used to install an application like Screenlets, Conky and Super Karamba to get some widget for complement a desktop features or just to decorate a desktop appearence, it think it was good idea if Unity bring this thing by default. 

  • Unity Appearence Setting - there was unity appearence setting provided which can be used by the user to setting or choose unity dash display that according to own taste. 

  • New Design of Lens : We're interested in new design that made for unity music lens, you can browse and play music directly from dash which designed very close to the music player. 
  • Feel interested in this design, See following video :

Ask and suggestion can be forwarded to :

@Thanks and good job for Frederico Araújo Mendes