Ubuntu for Android! Well this could be a the next game changer for both Mobile Phones and PC market, latest of the innovations which could change the way we do our computing, at a time when Mobiles and Tablets are out numbering the sales of Desktops and Laptops. And it seems that desktop would be dormant and obsolete in few years fighting and competing with Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Even thought the concept is not much different from Motorola Aetrix 4G docking Phone, but if your smartphone can boot with the Ubuntu on a desktop we can expect much more.

Ubuntu for Android is the beginning of  the convergence of  Mobile devices and Desktop PCs in a real sense. Something, I would call a Personal Thin Client, though not a thin client in a real sense.

In simple terms Ubuntu for Android is a full Ubuntu desktop, on a docked Android phone. In terms of Hardware requirements, your Android phone should be equipped with a dual core processor.

Ubuntu for Android provides a full desktop experience, including office software, web browsing, email and media applications, on Android phones docked to a screen and keyboard. Thanks to tight integration with the Android service layer, the transition between the two environments is seamless, making it easy to access the phone's services from the desktop when docked.

With Ubuntu on Android you can enjoy full featured Web Browsing with your favorite desktop browser with your smartphone but on a much larger screen real estate. Ubuntu for Android also integrates data access such as contacts, messaging, calender & making calls etc., in both Phone and Desktop modes.

Currently, Ubuntu for Android is only a prototype and Just like recently announced Ubuntu for TV, Manufacturers and interested parties are being encouraged to speak to Canonical if wanting to take advantage/learn more about the technology.