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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 11:00

Next Ubuntu release will be accompanied with new start-up sound, the sound which have been chosen through this survey will be used as Ubuntu start-up sound replacing the old ubuntu start-up sound which has been used for about 5 years.

The Winner
Canonical design team provide 4 sound candidate to be chosen (from finalist), survey which followed by over 2000 participants voted candidate number 1 as the winner, here the result of the survey :

Ubuntu Start-up Sound Survey Result
The Chosen Candidate 
here's the winner, Does this sound feel like Ubuntu ?

Next step, canonical design team will make this sound ‘more human, less synthesised’, lowering the pitch, increasing ‘the warmth of the tone’, and make it available in Ubuntu 12.04.

There is a few question, from previous post that confirmed by Jeremy bischa, for some reason Ubuntu 12.04 will be no sound at startup, does this survey mean that start-up sound will be sounded again in Ubuntu 12.04, is anyone could confirm this ?