Twidge is a terminal client for microblogging sites such as Twitter and

Twidge is a full command-line client. It is designed to be useful when you’re sitting at a shell prompt. It produces output in well-formed and easily-parsed ways, and has various features for working with piped data.

There are other command line tools for twitter which are also available, but most of them are not updated for the changes in twitter security settings.
Here is how you can install and configure Twidge,

Twidge is available in the oneiric apt repositories, so if you are using Ubuntu 11.10 you just need to install Twidge using the install command.
  • $ sudo apt-get install twidge
But if you are using any other version of Ubuntu, you need to manually add the repositories for Twidge.
  • $ sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
Append the following line at the end of the text,
deb squeeze main
Save this repository to your sources.list to be able to download Twidge. In order to install from the command line, run:
  • $ sudo apt-get update 
  • $ sudo apt-get install twidge
Twidge Setup:

 Issue the following command in the terminal
  • $ twidge setup
Twidge Setup will generate a URL for the authentication (see the below image), copy the URL and paste it into your browser, it will ask you to login with your login credentials, just login and it will generate an authentication code.

Enter the authentication code in the terminal, and you are done and ready tweet the geek way :)

Some useful Twidge commands:

For the detailed description for the twidge commands look inside Twidge man pages.
  • $ man twidge
Or, you use lscommand to see the full list of commands at glance,
  • $ twidge lscommands
Here are some quick commands for day to day usage,

Status update:
  • $ twidge update
And then typing your 140 character update,

Check your @replies:
  • $ twidge lsreplies
Check most recent updates:
  •  $ twidge lsrecent

Lets tweet the geek style :)