Most of the high performance sales teams today are equipped with both Smart Phones and Laptops for their computing requirements both on the move and at the office. Sometime sales people carry a Tablet to reduce the need for both Smart Phones and a Laptop. But Tablets are more costly and not a complete replacement for both Mobile Phone or a Laptop/Desktop.

For sales teams with lesser budgets on their sides, sales professionals need to depend only on their office desktop or on a smart phone alone, with a small screen and no keyboard for typing long emails and proposals.

Ubuntu for Android is now the answer to all these problems, a full fledged productivity desktop with the power of smart phone. Here are three reasons why Ubuntu for Android would be a big boost for high performance sales teams.

Cost: Sales teams keep traveling from place to place both in the city and outside city. On the move carrying a bulky laptop is always troublesome and not always required, thanks to smart phones most of the office work such as checking and replying email, editing documents is a much easier affair than opening a laptop and finding a proper place to work.
With Ubuntu for Android companies are only required to purchase a Smart Phones for their sales professional instead of both Laptop and a smart phone, or only a Laptop (including the cost of Software and AMCs) complimented by a dumb phone. In the office 4-5 docking terminals would be enough for a team of 10 sales guys. Thus decreasing the overall computing cost substantially.
Portability: As we know, sales teams keep on moving and not all sales professionals are present in the office at the same time. On the move sales professionals can work through smart phones, can dock it to a Multimedia Projector on the client side for presentation and back in the office same phone can be docked as a desktop without any need of data transfer from here and there. Ubuntu for Android will thus provide both physical and data portability.
Enterprise Ready: Ubuntu is already a enterprise proven platform for businesses across the world. And by taking the advantage of desktop virtualization, the same smart phone can be used as a thin client with the familiar desktop applications such as MS Office etc. or the CRM application on the cloud. Reducing the need for trainings to work on Linux desktop.

Ubuntu for Android is surely a game changer for both Hardware and Software domains, with the introduction of Ubuntu for Android in enterprise and consumer market prices of dual core smart phones will decrease substantially as compared to both Laptops and Tablets, and companies would also save millions they spend on software for each hardware they procure. Professionals such as sales people will also work efficiently both on the move and at the office with physical & data portability and familiar enterprise ready applications.