Have you ever visited DeviantArt especially in multi display wallpaper section? If yes, you should know what I mean with "Multi Display Wallpaper". It is just like usual wallpaper but designed to be used in multi display. I have written an article about setting up dual monitor on XFCE (Xubuntu), by default XFCE uses single wallpaper for each monitor, so you must set up wallpaper one by one for each monitor. With this trick you can use one wallpaper which automatically stretched to another monitor as the figure below:

As you can see, first screen has a part of the wallpaper and the rest is given to another. OK! Let's get started doing that.

Open XFCE Settings Editor from "Applications Menu > Settings > Settings Editor", on the left pane navigate to "xfce4-desktop" and on the right pane select "backdrop > screen0". Add a new property by clicking the "New" button and fill in the form with the following entries:

  • Name: xinerama-stretch
  • Type: Boolean
  • Value: (check the checkbox)

Click "Save", logout and login back. Now you can configure wallpaper from the main display. If you want to download many multi display wallpapers, please visit DeviantArt.