I have written about ProZilla download accelerator that can boost your download speed. Unfortunately, it has no batch download functionality so you can't download multiple files at one command. Today i'd like to show you how to download multiple files using ProZilla download accelerator. OK! Let's get started!

Open up your Terminal emulator and type:
  • gedit $HOME/.bashrc
Gedit will be opened and display the content of .bashrc files, now add this script at the end of .bashrc:
  • proz-batch() {
  • for x in `cat $1`;
  • do proz $x;
  • done
  • }
Once finished, please save your work and type this command:
  • source ~/.bashrc
Now, you can download multiple files by entering text file containing download links:
  • proz-batch list.txt

Happy downloading :)